Agricola licks his wounds and plans revenge; Lupus begins to understand his destiny
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The sun shone over Londinium. Smoke still rose from the warehouses that Germanus and his crew had set on fire. In the old forum the troops were regrouping, while their commanders assessed the losses. Most of the larger equipment had been left behind at Virconium in order to speed the retreat, though after a few miles, it had become clear that the West Britons were not going to give chase for, despite their victory, Aureliana’s combined forces were too exhausted. Severianus had no intention of having his troops exert themselves upon arrival in Virconium, and Germanus was not going to let the Bishop of Eboracum have command of the expeditionary force for a moment longer, now that the men were back under his authority.

Agricola watched the rays of light pierce the window shutters as he let the woman t...

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