When in Rome
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‘I thought never to be in Rome again, Lupus. And not in these sad times. Look at this place. I remember how it used to be. You are too young to know of Rome in its glory days.’

Germanus pulled his horse’s reins to make it come to a halt. He leant forward to reward the stallion with a pat.

‘Do you wish to stop here master?’

‘No Lucius, but I want you and your brother to go ahead and find out where the Pontifex’s house is and then one of you is to return and guide us there. But make sure that Nonus doesn’t get lost’.

The bagaudae had made good servants, Germanus decided, looking at them as they disappeared towards the city gates. The general looked across at Lupus and smiled. The young man had seen so little o...

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Table of Contents

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