Chapter One
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My name is Nicki Wyght and before you ask, it's pronounced the same way as the colour.  And before we get too far into what's currently happening, I have to give you a bit of background.  Of both me and the world now.  Now being the year 2075.  Where should I start though... mmh... I guess the best would be to do it the way any story does -- at the beginning.

Let me tell you about myself first.  I'm 30 years old and only a few weeks ago I lef the most normal and mundane life you could possibly imagine.  Growing up here in Plymouth, England, I dreamed of joining the local law enforcement officers.  Ever since one of them stopped at the bottom of my driveway when I was five.  And he did so just to help me.  You see, I'd fallen off my bik...

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Table of Contents

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