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said, the needle having popped out of Paz's arm. Saline solution spurted from the end onto the floor.

"Ooh, sorry Aunt Frankie."

"It's okay. She's probably hydrated enough," said the Doctor. "Ms. Halson, do you want to tell her what we've deduced?"

As Frankie picked up after Paz's mess, she said, "Right. Well, however well-meaning your dad was, Paz, he didn't tell you even half of the truth. Your grandfather wasn't even remotely human, let alone some hybrid created by a rogue government agency."

"Not-" Paz started, before sitting her sopping wet body down next to Ina on the bed. "Not human? At all?"

Frankie shook her head slowly, her eyes filling with pity. "I'm sorry. I know you had this pictu...

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