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to her lips, Safa gingerly removed the Red Diamond from the baby’s chest and handed it to Peter.

Above them, Brüst circled the four restrained extrahumans. He looked down at Wilder, whose face was forced against the bricks by a goon’s knee. Brüst’s eyes, hidden behind dark glasses, coldly appraised the unconscious forms of Barry and Paz. Finally, he stared at Ina, straining against the chains that held her to the heavy earthmoving machine.

She narrowed her gaze at him and said, “So you must be the Nazi that gets sent to do someone else’s dirty work.”

Brüst smiled, chuckled a bit, and then brought back his right leg to soccer-kick Ina in the face. The blow knocked her head back against the machine with a clunk. Ina quickly rebounded and stared bac...

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