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He took Paz and Barry by the waists and pulled them down behind the fallen tombstone for cover. Bullets pinged from the marble.

Ina was on top of the gunmen in a blink. She dropped one of them with a firm right hook, but the other moved just fast enough to put her in his sights and squeeze the trigger.

His submachinegun muzzle flashed, a burst of three bullets striking Ina squarely in her chest. She was knocked back by the impacts and tumbled over the fallen body of the other gunman.

“Ina!” Wilder howled as he jumped out from behind cover.

The gunman started to swing his weapon toward Wilder but the werewolf was flying through the air toward him. Wilder crossed fifty feet in a single bound and smashed into the Ahnenerbe enforcer. Wilder swatted the gun from his han...

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