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next day when the actual event happened. Instead, Frances and Peter Halson showed up and told me that they'd analyzed my data independently and decided, unilaterally, that Barry was to remain in the chrysalis tank until further notice.


DAY 384

Frankie Halson can be a real bitch sometimes. A good one or a bad one. I've seen both sides. Today she chose the unfavorable route, carted in a small mountain of experimental gadgetry and slapped a big fat technical document on my desk. Apparently, she and her brother had worked with the preeminent team of neuroscientist Dr. Emory Wold and his wife, cybernetic engineer Dr. Diane Wold. The Halsons financed one of their projects for about two years and now want to shoehorn that into what I'm doing. !!!!!!!!


DAY 570...

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