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Ina sunk her fangs into his neck. The soldier’s blood pulsed feebly, but freely. It flowed into her, absorbed directly into her everywhere it touched. There were biological processes, she knew, but also processes unknown to science. The last of the soldier’s life fortified her.

Ina looked over a shoulder as she heard branches and leaves crackling behind her. Enki scrambled uphill toward her, frantic and knowing. Ina had just fed; he hadn’t for hours. As his eyes met hers, Enki realized he was lost. He turned, gathered his legs under him and prepared to flee.

But Ina’s arms were on him in a flash. She trussed him, his joints and ligaments breaking as she pulled his arms back. Though Enki no longer experienced pain in the same way as a living man, he knew when his body was in a...

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