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Enki lay back against a granite boulder, carved out of the bedrock a million years ago by the irresistible advance of some ancient glacier. Half of the bones in his body were broken, yet he just sat there, looking up at Ina as she approached, a bloody grin on his face. Both of his eyes were solid crimson, the whites obscured by severe petechial hemorrhaging.

"I'll kill you," she hissed.

Enki's shoulders bucked slightly as he attempted a laugh, but no sound escaped that red grin. When he spoke, it was a gurgling whisper.

"It's nice to see you like this. So...savage. And I believe you could kill me."

As Ina neared him, she could hear his flesh and bones knitting back together. It was the sound of innumerable insects and snakes scuttling and slithering thro...

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