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Swallowing her guilt, Ina turned southward. When she was sure to be out of Chikuk's sight, Ina ran, a blur through the snow, her tracks so obscured by the speed of her footfalls that they resembled a path left by an extremely narrow snowmobile.

She passed by Nome and continued along the coast, until she came to Anchorage. Even in the late 1960's the population of the small city and all of its surrounding towns was large enough that Ina would be able to find ways to survive without worrying about killing anyone to do it.

Her disguise consisted of hair cut to her neckline, lightened with liberal use of bleach from her natural dark brown to auburn, and skin made as tan as many Alaskan natives from the application of "Rocky Ridge Solid Wood Finish & Sealant", which Ina found t...

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