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smiling, large brown eyes moist with emotion.

"You're okay, Ahka!" Ticasuk said as she grabbed up her mother and her thick blanket in a tight embrace.

"I don't remember how I got back," Chikuk said, her voice a thin whisper.

The thin, young woman stepped into view behind Ticasuk, black hair long and braided, skin nearly pale as the snow outside. She walked lightly next to Ticasuk and bent to hand her a bowl of steaming soup. Pieces of caribou meat and fat floated in the broth with bits of cabbage and potato.

"I...I found you out there. On the ice. You'd been attacked," Ina said, words stilted.

Between spoonsful of soup, Chikuk said, "Where did you find this meat?"

"I was hunting, myself. It looks like you and Ticasu...

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