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and dashed into the tunnel, leaving the possessed to regroup.

A hundred yards ahead, Safa had caught up to the group, two flashlight beams bouncing around in the dark. She heard Peter saying, "Most of the Lalibela churches are connected by these tunnels. There's an exit coming right up!"

"Where's Ina?" Said Wilder, still in his lupine form.

"Here," came the breathless response as Ina slowed to a normal run next to Safa.

The sounds of Abela and her possessed followers echoed from the rear, angry roars alternating with wails of hunger.

Peter and Frankie nearly stumbled out of the tunnel's end, out into the courtyard of another trench, and another church sculpted from brick-hued volcanic rock. Paz and Barry ran out after them, followed by Wilder, Saf...

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