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Ina was the first to the doorway, zipping away from the group in a blur. Wilder, Safa, Barry and Paz followed, while Frankie helped Peter pack the scroll back into his metal case.

Peter stammered, "That sounded like, like-"

"Abeba!" Ina yelled from the church's vestibule. Looking out into trench surrounding the Bete Giyorgis, Ina's face registered shock as she laid eyes on Abeba's form, writhing on the gravelly ground. Standing in a semicircle around the tormented woman were the seven French college students, staring down on her with glazed-over eyes, their arms raised up toward the sky, fingers splayed and each moving randomly, wiggling and curling.

But they were no longer just touring students.

Nearly sliding to a stop behind Ina, Wilder's jaw dropped w...

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