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that gift.

Safa Nimr was not very tall. But when she drew her shoulders back and stood straight, lifted her chin and stared with the eyes of a panther at whatever, or whomever, she intended to perceive, the princess looked down as if from the perch of a hawk on the highest obelisk.

The woman who controlled a wondrous beam of light somehow held within a small cylinder was a night watchman for the Chicago Museum of Antiquities named Pamela Adler, and the year was 1964 A.D.

Pamela was naturally a very meek person, but was exceedingly intelligent. A mathematician by trade, the "trade" part had been hard to come by in the Midwest. She had decided to move to either Florida or New Mexico, as indecision was also one of her strongest traits. She was only 24, and figured she had suf...

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