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Wilder soared out of a shadowy corner of the ceiling, leading his six-foot, muscled and fur-covered torso with clawed hands and fanged sneer. He landed feet-first on the back of a soldier with a sickening thud, driving him down to the floor. Wilder immediately jumped at the next nearest target, just as several other soldiers opened fire. Tranquilizer darts pinged from walls and pillars.

Hendricks ducked as Wilder tossed one of his men across the room. The soldier flew overhead and crashed into Vanda. Hendricks yelled, "Switch to live rounds! Take this monster out!"

Kat countermanded, "You will not listen to that order!"

Hendricks scoffed, yanked his tranq clip from his rifle and slammed home another clip. He aimed at Wilder just as the wolf-man punched another soldier in the chest,...

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