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leaned in closer to see the Doctor bucking in Ina's vise-like grasp, his body went completely limp. Ina wasn't sure whether she should let him go or keep holding on, but that ultimately didn't matter. With a lightning-fast explosive movement, Dr. Fayid arched his back and shot his arms outward, and an invisible wave of force pushed outward like a bubble of 150 mile per hour hurricane winds. Ina, Safa, Frankie and Peter were flung back against the three opposing walls of the sanctuary, while Paz and Barry found themselves squashed into the stone portal.

Dr. Fayid's body raised unnaturally, held up by some unseen hand, his eyes wide open and pitch black. As everyone stirred on the ground and struggled to get back up, the Doctor's mouth opened to release a soul-piercing scream, forcing their hands...

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