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Safa felt her mental tendrils grasp the earthen container, manipulate the soil around it, and move it through a newly-formed tunnel. As the others watched, the clay cylinder poked up from a clump of moss on the group and rose before them. Safa sighed, her arms dropping to her sides. The clay cylinder fell to the earth beside her.

Peter knelt down and plucked it up carefully. “You did it!”

“I’m not used to being so gentle,” Safa said.

“Well, the ampule is quite unharmed. Paz, will you pass me my case?”

As the supermoon reached its full brightness above, Wilder felt an even stronger pull from the lycanthropic forces within him. It was becoming unbearable, and he could no longer hide the outward expression of his struggle. Ina was the first to notic...

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