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to start the engine, but it only backfired and belched oily smoke. He tried again, and finally it coughed to life.

"Are there more coming?" Safa asked Wilder as she scanned the shadowy wall of foliage beyond the riverbank.

Scenting the air and angling his pointed ears, Wilder tried to find more of their enemies.

"No, nothing now," he said. Wilder then looked over a shoulder to Peter and asked, “That’s the same thing that happened to my parents, isn’t it? The evil god possessed them with demon spirits.”

Peter, sweat dripping into his blinking eyes, nodded gravely, watching as Ina, Barry, Frankie and Safa all gathered around Paz’s still form laid out on the deck. Wilder patted the man’s shoulder as he took the wheel so Peter could join the others....

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