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by scent. As the blur punched into Kat Argo at a hundred miles an hour, he hollered, “Ina!”

Argo’s body took to the air, smashed through a partition and continued on a tumble halfway through the next train car past a dozen confounded passengers.

Wilder took Ina by her shoulders. It was all he could do to keep from kissing her.

“That was a hard hit,” Frankie said.

“That one. She can take it,” said Ina.

Almost as if signaled, Barry and Safa entered from one end of the car as Peter and Paz arrived from the other.

“They know where we are, but they won’t know where we got off,” said Peter.

“How far are we from the last stop??” Barry asked.

“We aren’t stopping, but we&r...

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