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"What," was all he could get out.

She was freckled, with a perky nose and shoulder-length auburn hair, and inexplicably wore a jade-green prom dress with puffy shoulders and a modest neckline. Still smiling, so earnestly, she said, "You should be ready by now. The dance starts in fifteen minutes."


Wilder jumped from bed and immediately started rooting through his closet. He said, "I gotta have a tux somewhere."

"Here!" Vannah announced. Wilder whipped around to find her standing right behind him, holding up a full tuxedo, crisp white shirt, black bow tie and jade cummerbund to match her dress.

"Yes, great! Can I have a minute to get dressed?" Wilder said, taking the suit.

"Well, I don't think so. Why can't I stay...

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