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Wilder nodded and said, "Well, I did tell you."

"You told me that it happened, but never more than that."

He sighed. "Really? Are you sure?"

"Oh, quite sure."

Wilder continued to stall.

Ina nudged him with an elbow and said, "Is it all that bad? Embarrassing?"

"No, not that. unpleasant memory."

"So get on with it. You were thirteen. It wasn't much more than a year after we met. That's all I know, other than how excited you were about being special. In fact, I don't have any recollection of you seeming negatively affected at all," said Ina.

"Zip your mouth and let me get on with it, then," Wilder said, trying and failing to hide his building dread with an unea...

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