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proud of that one, actually."

Ina dug in her boots and took a few blur-fast steps up out of the muddy pit. Stopped just a few feet short of Enki, she said, "So you...are my father."

"I did say that, yes."

"And all of the other children the mums were running away with, those were yours as well?"

Enki looked up to the storming sky. Big droplets pattered down over him. His eyes were wide open, and didn't even blink as rain plopped onto his pupils. It made Ina think of just how far removed from humanity Enki had come after thousands of years.

He said, "All of them. But you were the only one I found alive."

"Who were we running from?" Ina asked, afraid to learn more, but compelled.

"I said I wa...

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