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wherever, enjoying yourself while I spun my wheels?"

"Not at all. You had to come to this by yourself. You had to earn the knowledge," he said.

"So Count Dracula isn't my progenitor," Ina said.

Enki shook his head. "Technically, he'd be your brother. But more of an adoptive brother, since I turned him."

"You didn't turn me?"

"Oh no. Like those poor creatures at your feet now, nothing but bones, I fathered you," said Enki, staring down into the kistvaen, past Ina's muddy boots. The bone pile was nearly submerged in muddy water after minutes of increasingly heavy rain.

There was true sadness creeping over Enki's face. Ina couldn't be sure, because of the downpour, but there may have been some tears as wel...

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