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Peter, out of breath, just nodded back toward their gaining pursuer.

Safa threw a hand in Argo’s direction as she kept running, and shouted a word of power that drew upon the elemental might of the wind. “Zarrat!”

Out of nowhere a hurricane-force gust coursed between two parked jets. The massive planes rocked, and the pocket of wind plowed into Kat Argo. It lifted her off her feet and slung her thirty feet away, where she crumpled into a stacked baggage cart. Colorful clothing burst out from broken suitcases like a fireworks finale. It looked like those bags had belonged to a plane full of folks headed for the tropics.

“Wow!” Paz and Wilder hollered at the exact same time. There was magic: actual real-life magic.

“That got her!” Frankie said.


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