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As the motley group walked through the airport, led by the Halson siblings, Ina had to make a concerted effort to remain between Wilder and Safa. The Egyptian princess continually wavered in her stride, slowing or speeding up, every step somehow taking her a little closer to Wilder.

He couldn't help but grin at the sight of Ina doing her best to keep up with Safa's every calculated move.

Paz, meanwhile, buzzed around the new arrival like an overstimulated puppy excited to see someone she liked.

"So what are you? Like, what makes you awesome?" Paz babbled.

"Awesome?" Safa repeated. "Hm, I suppose so."

"Yeah. I can do some pretty crazy stuff. I'm basically a superhero," said Paz.

"Can you fly and shoot laser beams from you...

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