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two would curl up together for a long, pleasant nap.

The assassins arrived by moonlight on a still, hot summer night. Safa awoke to the sound of pouring wine, echoing from the hall outside her chamber. Sekhmet's head was already up, ears alert, golden eyes seeking. Safa wondered why anyone would be up so late drinking wine.

She hopped from bed, and Sekhmet followed at her mistress' heels as Safa crept, barefoot and quiet, down the passageway. Their shadows cast by the fire of small oil sconces on the walls, girl and cat, played alongside them.

They heard another wet sound, like wine spilling from a cup. Sekhmet hesitated and Safa stopped. She wanted to turn around, run back to her chamber, and hide under the bed.

Next, the sound of air moving through a small space caug...

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