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She moved nonchalantly, like a panther, and looked like a Middle Eastern supermodel.

"Is that-" Paz started.

"Miss Safa!" Peter said, instantly ditching his wariness and putting on a welcoming smile.

"Safa Nimr," Frankie said to Paz, Ina and Wilder as Peter opened his arms to embrace the new arrival.

Safa stopped walking and held out her right hand, parlaying the hug into a handshake. "Oh, yes, sorry, letting my enthusiasm get the better of me," Peter said.

"She looks normal," Paz whispered.

"Wilder looks normal, doesn't he?" Frankie replied.

Paz peeked at Wilder to assess his apparent normalcy. She agreed, "Sure, you're right. But you can tell something's off with him."

"Hey, now. Be...

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