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At four A.M., Frankie eased the Hummer into a parking garage in Valdosta, Georgia, and the group transferred into a huge black Town Car.

"Ina, you don't really need to sleep, do you?" Frankie said.

"Not really. It's nice, sometimes, but I can keep from feeling tired as long as I remain properly nourished," she answered.

Peter opened his case and removed a pint of AB+ from a refrigerated partition within. "You are about due a dose, are you not?" He asked.

"Drink up and then please take the wheel," Frankie said. "I've been up since yesterday morning."

Paz smiled eagerly. "Yes! Can I watch?"

Wilder chuckled, "I think you have a fan."

"Yes, you may watch," said Ina, rolling her ey...

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