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None of them knew, though Frankie might have guessed, that 200 miles back in the direction from which they drove, that the selfsame woefully misguided brother Jack Halson stood in the double-wide trailer where Paz had spent most of her life growing up.

Dressed in a cool gray linen suit, he stood with his hands clasped behind his back, doing his best not to touch anything, anything at all, in the disgusting trailer, as he looked down at the brutish form of Emilio sitting up on the couch. His hands and feet were zip-tied, and sweat and blood dripped down from his thick brow.

Emilio hollered, "That's all I know! Now, are you going to arrest me? Arrest me! Get me out of here!"

Jack looked to the woman by his side, Major Kat Argo, imposing in her black body armor and flanke...

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