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Wilder woke with a start to the unbearable sound of a blender, and almost fell off the couch he had been sleeping on.

Blinking sleep from his eyes, he saw Ina in her apartment kitchen, midday sun filtering in through the sheer curtains. Two people stood with Ina, a tall woman with hair the color of Autumn leaves and a gaunt, bespectacled man in a gray suit. They watched Ina as she fed pieces of apple, carrot, and ginger through the top of her blender into an overwhelmingly green mixture that reminded him of the moss growing on the shaded rocks behind the family's cabin.

The cabin, he thought.

Wilder jumped up and shouted over the noise, "My parents! Where are they?"

Ina and her guests looked up, the blender whirring to a stop.

"You're up," Ina...

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