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before my body just gave out. I fainted, and lay in that hole for, oh, hours I suppose. I only woke when I felt it dripping on my lips."

"It?" Wilder said, finding himself a bit lost.

"Blood," said Ina. "Enki said he'd paid a factory girl handsomely so she'd allow him to drain a bit of her for medical experiments. Then, having the key to the steel door, he waited until my frenzy had passed, and all was quiet in that cellar, before he brought me nourishment."

"You woke up but didn't just attack him?"

"Weak as I was, no. And even though my strength came back to me in quick order, so did my senses, the blood restoring my sanity," Ina said.

Wilder thought for a bit, having a lot to chew on. He said, "It does...

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