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while balanced on the top of a palm tree. Out of sight from the blood-mobile, the pair slowed down and Wilder whispered, "But what's it like?"

"Are you asking me what it tastes like?"

"No, I know. I've licked my wounds before," he said.

Ina feigned disgust, "Ew! Literally."

"Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's something you have an urge to do, right? You can't stop it until you get your, uh, dose or whatever," said Wilder.


"Yes, yes that's the way it is," Ina said, her good mood flipping toward the somber side.

Wilder tried to steer away from whatever unpleasant thought he had prompted. "Well never mind about that. So what do you chase those drinks with? Jaeger shots?"

His attemp...

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