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Wilder turned the corner with Ina and there it was, staged in the middle of the massive parking lot of one of those ubiquitous mega-shopping marts: a black, white and red bus with a "Bloodmobile" sign, two clerks, both college-aged guys, dressed in the blue vest and khaki pants uniform of the     mega-mart waiting outside the folding door.

"What exactly are you planning to do?" Wilder said, intentionally slowing his pace so Ina would have to slow down, too.

"Trust me. I've done this before," she said. "A lot."

"A lot? Wouldn't they be on to you by now?"

"I move around, city to city, state to state. I also tend to look different each time. The wonders of a pair of scissors and some hair dye," said Ina, starti...

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