Blissful Sorrow
By C.A. Gallinger

Kay Gardner      7/28/17 9:50 AM

I am less than what I wanted, and more than I deserve. just started reading your series, and this line in particular grabbed me ("the girl"). i so feel it.
C.A. Gallinger      7/28/17 6:55 PM
I'm glad that my writing has been able to resonate with you!! Thank you for reading my series!

Bill McStowe      6/18/17 8:21 PM

Wow. "Restricting Love" was a powerful piece.
C.A. Gallinger      6/20/17 1:49 PM
Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words and support.

Kerriann      5/04/17 1:09 PM

I really felt the emotion in "Abolishing Rage", your writing is stripped down and honest, the way all great writing is. Thanks for sharing.
C.A. Gallinger      5/06/17 8:58 PM
Thank You so much for your feedback and support, it is greatly appreciated. I am glad that you could feel what I was trying to bring through.

John A. Gandiello      2/13/17 6:24 AM

I had been looking for something to subscribe to and I was not disappointed with your Series. From the onset of "The Girl" I knew I was reading something special. I felt as though I had been given access to some secret club; some intel I shouldn't be seeing; the inner most processes of another person's mind. A brutal angst, that if not articulated so precisely and matter-of-factly in your sort of Poetic "Prose", one could take your work at face value as "forced" or "artsy". This is not what I came to understand. I see "The Girl" dwelling deep within the murkiness of the darkest realms of your psyche so deeply ensnared by depression that she doubts her existence; proclaiming she is some kind of far-off figment outside of reality. The reality is grim; a struggle between that girl deep down below in "The Fight Back", fully aware of the magnitude of her emotions and her unfortunate fate of a "Disgruntled Reality" leading up to a "Simple Death"; in a constant struggle to articulate herself to others outside of the words on the page who cannot comprehend her angst ("Disconnected Recount"). I feel it all heading somewhere and I cannot wait to see where and how so. Your stark prose has paved a sort of poetic narrative within the Series steam-rolling it's way to some kind of revelation or major proclamation. Excellent work here C.A.! I'm glad to have found your Series, if only because of a whim. Try to be well and keep digging...
C.A. Gallinger      2/15/17 3:43 PM
It is so easy to get caught up in the confines of our own mind and we often forget that there are other like minded individuals out there who just get what you have been trying to convey to the world. Thank you for taking an interest in my series, there are so many words that need to be written and I intend to continue this journey. Your feedback is appreciated!