Chapter 12 (2)
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Josie, fluttering in the background, her pale, worried face severely accentuated by a lack of makeup and her flamboyant red hair wound tightly into little green curlers.

Dylan pushed past her, followed by Josie, and made a b-line for the walk-in closet, flinging in the door.

“Pack a bag. You’re coming with me.”

Chelsea hurried to the closet, red-faced and flustered, and slammed the door shut, leaning on it.

“How dare you? How dare you barge in here, ordering me around, without so much as an explanation?”

Josie moved to Chelsea’s side and took her arm gently. “I think you should listen to him, dear,” she clucked soothingly. “Something’s come up.”

Chelsea looked from Josie to Dylan, who stood with his arms crossed and glaring at h...

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