Chapter 11 (3)
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kick himself for how he felt about her. He had never wanted anything as bad as he wanted her.

Her trust, her love. Dylan wanted Chelsea, body and soul.

There was too much unsaid between them, though. Too much he didn’t know about her. She was just so afraid to open up. She occupied his thoughts day and night and she could be running from the law, for all he knew.

It would have been so much simpler to fall for a woman like Katelyn. Predictable and easy to control. All Katelyn cared about was money, so she would have been easy to keep happy. No heart break, no sleepless nights, no worry.

She also would have been a shrew, simple-minded and selfish. Dylan did not love Katelyn.

He could not deny that he did love Chelsea. Or whoever she was.

His anger dissipated...

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