Chapter 8 (2)
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and the man inside watched as the man in black disappeared inside the door. The stranger relaxed then, and lit a cigarette. The small flame lit up his face briefly and he sat back to enjoy his smoke. He knew he had a little bit of time to relax.

He knew now that the girl was Amanda. He was pretty sure she was going under an assumed name, though he didn’t know what it was. She looked different. She had lost some weight and looked different in jeans, but he was certain it was her. He just had to stay out of her way. If she knew he was there, she might run again.

She was hard enough to find as it was, even if he did follow her out of California. If only that biker wasn’t involved. Mr. Lindahl wouldn’t like that when he found out. It would be easier to confront the wom...

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