Chapter 7 (3)
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that it was time to go. Others were preparing to leave as well, and Chelsea was relieved.

She had misgivings about leaving her dog there at the ranch, but she knew it would be for the best. Josie had been fair about letting Hank stay in the apartment, but it was a temporary arrangement. Besides the big dog needed room to run, and there was plenty of room at the ranch. She knelt down by her furry black friend and gave him a hug. With her hands on either side of his face, she looked him in the eyes, trying to make him understand.

“This is only for a little while, buddy. You know that, right?” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Besides, I have to get my life straightened out. Then you and I will go back to Wyoming, back to the ranch where we can live in peace. No more running, I...

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