Chapter 6 (1)
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Dylan climbed the stairs of Chelsea’s apartment and tapped on the door. It swung open a bit, to his surprise. He stuck his head in and was about to call Chelsea’s name when he saw her asleep on the sofa. Suddenly, talking was the last thing on his mind. He entered the room quietly and closed the door behind him. Hank rose and walked over to him, wagging his tail. Dylan put his finger to his lips and scratched the big dog behind the ears, then sat on the coffee table in front of the sleeping Chelsea and just looked at her.

She was still wrapped in the large bath towel, her tousled hair hanging over the edge of the sofa. A corner of the towel had slipped down, exposing a length of smooth thigh. It was all he could do to resist reaching over and …

Chelsea sensed someone...

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