Chapter 5 (3)
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go. She knew her first-born well enough to know when something was on his mind. She also knew it had to do with a woman. Not just any woman, either.  Certainly not a woman like that manipulative, scheming brunette he was dating last year. Katelyn knew Dylan would inherit his father’s large, successful cattle ranch someday, along with the money, and that was all she was interested in. Lydia hoped this had nothing to do with her. Probably not. No, whoever this gal was that had her confident, capable boy moping around like a love-sick teenager, had to be something special. She was glad, though, that Dylan felt he could come to her and talk. He always did. At 32, the tall, muscular cowboy was still her baby.

Chelsea dragged herself up the back stairs, exhausted. What a long day it was! Office work was...

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