Chapter 3 (1)
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It seemed like an eternity until two o’clock. It was all Chelsea could do to not pace the floor and watch the clock. She went into town for a few groceries and picked up a newspaper. Perhaps she could find a place to stay. She tried to read for a while until her eyes got heavy and she dozed off.

The sound of a car horn yanked her awake. It was almost two now, so she brushed out her hair and drove to the diner to see Josie. Josie was just finishing up when she saw Chelsea walk in. She waved to her.

“Sit down a minute. I’ll be right there.”

Chelsea nodded and slid into a booth, wondering what it was that Josie wanted. After a few minutes Josie came and sat across from her, patting her red hair into place.

“You look tired dear,” she commented casually.<...

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