Chapter 2 (3)
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She topped up Chelsea’s coffee cup. “No Hon. Just mornings, usually. I was here later yesterday because Sharon had an appointment to get her hair done.”

Chelsea nodded slowly as she took another sip of coffee.

“Say, Chelsea,” Josie slid into the booth opposite her. “A man was here last night, asking about you.”

Chelsea’s heat skipped a beat and she felt her face get hot. She busied herself putting jam on a piece of toast. “Dylan?”

“Ah, you met him, then.”

“Yeah, you could say that.

Chelsea felt Josie’s gaze rest on her. “Dylan’s a good man you know. You could do worse than him.”

“Oh I have, Josie, trust me. I have. But what I need right now is a job and a home, not a man...

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