Chapter 2 (1)
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He was doing neither. 

He had seen her walking along the road and sailed past her when he heard her yell. She was new to these parts, he could see that. He wanted a look at her face, actually. The back view was nice enough, well-fitting jeans, cowboy boots and long, blonde hair that looked like corn silk. Normally he didn’t let a woman turn him into a gawking teenager, but there was something different about this one. As he approached her, he looked at her face. He wasn’t disappointed. Large, grey eyes and full lips; she had a touch of class to her. From the look of her face, she was neither overawed by the sight of him, nor frightened. She just stood her ground as he approached. The dog was obviously hers but it didn’t seem too dangerous. She was beautiful, but her pale complexion a...

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