Chapter 18 (1)
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“So there you are.” Gregory grinned wickedly and levelled his gun at her.

Chelsea cried out in fear and released her hold on Hank to get a better grip on the rifle. Freed from her painful grasp, Hank leapt at Gregory with a snarl of rage, a black demon with glowing white teeth in the dark closet. Gregory backed up a step and raised an arm in defense, a glimmer of fear in his cold black eyes.

The dog landed on the man and the two of them hit the opposite wall of the hallway with a shuddering crash. Chelsea felt paralyzed by fear, her muscles tight and unwilling to respond.

MOVE. The word screamed in her mind and the haze of terror cleared for a moment. She scrambled to get out of the closet, dropping the box of shells. With a tinkling clatter, the box exploded open a...

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