Chapter 17 (2)
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furniture polish and antique furnishings. At the back of her mind, she realized why she felt so at home at the Stuart ranch. It was so much like home. Hank jumped up on the bed, immediately making himself at home.

Chelsea peeled off her jacket, shoes and jeans and pulled the quilt back on the bed. Crawling in, she collapsed against the feather pillow, letting exhaustion overtake her. She would think about her situation later. Right now, she desperately needed sleep. She sighed heavily as comfort and security enveloped her, and she promptly fell asleep.


When she awoke much later, it was dark, and she could hear wind howling around the house. The storm finally caught up with her. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, feeling a little muddled.  She checked the watch on her wrist, bu...

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