Chapter 16 (3)
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She pulled off the highway into the truck stop and parked next to the fuel pumps. She stretched as she got out and Hank hopped out after her. He trotted over to a patch of dried weeds and lifted his leg with obvious relief.

“Sorry boy,” she muttered. “I had my mind on other things.”

A cold wind buffeted her as she made her way into the building to pay for the gas and get a cup of coffee. She grabbed a box of dog biscuits for Hank and paid for her purchases. She glanced at her credit card before she put it back in her wallet. She would just keep using it as long as she could. She would find a way to pay it off later. After letting Hank back in the truck, she dug out the water bottle she always had under her seat and visited the restroom, pulling her...

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