Chapter 15 (3)
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tore along the highway to Elk Creek at eighty miles an hour, hoping she wouldn’t get stopped.

“Okay, Katelyn, talk.”

Katelyn collected her thoughts for a minute. “I met that guy outside of Josie’s. I thought he just wanted to talk to you, so I said I’d show him where you were. I figured you would be up at Dylan’s.”

“How could you be so stupid?” Chelsea’s fear tightened her voice to a shriek.

“I had no idea he wanted to kill you. I thought he’d talk to you and you and he would disappear and I could have Dylan back.”

“Dylan…no, let’s leave him out of this for now. I would disappear all right. He wants me dead.”

“Why would your husband want you dead? If he is your husband.&...

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