Chapter 15 (2)
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of the fire and Hank’s gentle snores. She began to relax.

She drifted into a shallow sleep and memories and images began to float through her mind. Dylan’s smile, riding with Steve out at the ranch, dinner with his family, Josie’s laugh as she poured coffee. The images changed. Her wedding night, running from Gregory. She saw an image of a mountain lion, stalking a deer. She saw the giant cat clearly. It had Gregory’s eyes.

Suddenly she saw her dad, standing in front of the fireplace in Dylan’s cabin, fear in his eyes.

“Run Chelsea! Run Baby! GET OUT! GET OUT NOW!”

“Daddy! Dad?” Chelsea sat up suddenly. Hank was sitting up too, ears alert. She looked wildly around. She had heard her dad as clear as if…as if…no, no of co...

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