Chapter 13 (4)
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moss green suede jacket betrayed him. He was attractive enough, with a precision haircut and a square jaw, but his eyes made her shudder. They were dark, cold and hard, like a sharks’ eyes. Lifeless.

The man found his vehicle in the parking lot and drove off through the moonless night. Directions to the place where Nichols was staying were easy enough. Once he got there, Nichols said he would tell him how to Elk Creek, probably as insurance for his pay. Once he left Lewistown, there were few lights. The moon hadn’t risen yet and he could see little of the surrounding countryside, but that didn’t bother him. He didn’t care about the countryside. It was a god-forsaken wasteland up here anyway. Why she would run here, of all places, was beyond him. But he had to find her, and quick. He...

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