Chapter Twenty-Seven – To Whom We Owe So Much (2)
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gentleman beyond Wanderford.

Fotherby relinquished his sodden coat and hat before he walked up the stairs and silently opened one of the doors on the landing. He peered in to find Portland as he had left him that morning except that his head had fallen to one side. Closing the door, he stopped as he heard Portland’s voice.

“Fotherby?” he muttered. “I have discovered why Philip loved laudanum.”

“What are you talking about?” Fotherby laughed as he stepped in and walked over to the bed where he sat down on the hard chair before his friend.

“I think Doctor Shipton gave me some laudanum, Fotherby, and I cannot feel any of the pain I remember being in.”

“Do not get a taste for it,” Fotherby cautioned, smiling across at his friend....

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